2017 Victorian Award Winners

  • Dr Eric Chow

    Public Health Monash University Gonorrhoea is a common sexually transmitted infection in Australia. Many people do not realise that saliva … Read More »

  • Associate Professor Alan Duffy

    Astrophysics Swinburne University   Associate Professor Duffy uses supercomputers as a virtual laboratory, creating baby universes, watching as galaxies like … Read More »

  • Dr Jess Frith

    Tissue-engineering Monash University Dr Frith’s research aims to understand how biomaterial signals are sensed by cells and how this tells … Read More »

  • Dr Enrico Della Gaspera

    Nanomaterials and nanotechnology RMIT University We live in a society where electronic devices (smartphones, tablets, solar panels, LED screens) are … Read More »

  • Dr Catherine Granger

    Physiotherapy University of Melbourne Physical activity is important for health of all people across the lifespan including children, adults and … Read More »

  • Dr Dominic Hare

    Neurochemistry Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health Parkinson’s disease is a complex illness that involves many proteins, genes and … Read More »

  • Associate Professor Luke Henderson

    Organic Chemistry Deakin University Sometimes, treating cancer is as painful and crippling as the cancer itself because cancer treatments don’t … Read More »

  • Dr David Scott

    Musculoskeletal ageing Monash University “Sarcopenia” is the term used to describe the loss of muscle mass and strength that occurs … Read More »

  • Dr Sumeet Walia

    Nanoelectronics RMIT University Dr Walia’s research aims to directly tackle issues in electronics with have prevented many technological advancements. He … Read More »

  • Dr Connie Wong

    Inflammation Monash University It has been recognised for many years that stroke patients are prone to infections, but very little … Read More »