2016 Victorian Award Winners

  • Associate Professor Brian Abbey

      La Trobe University  Physics       X-ray crystallography allows science to ‘see’ the structure of molecules so that … Read More »

  • Dr Kim Jacobson

      Monash University Immunology       Human health and longevity are possible only when the body’s immune system functions … Read More »

  • Dr Maria Kaparakis-Liaskos

      The Hudson Institute of Medical Research Microbiology, host-pathogen interactions       Our body contains approximately 39 trillion bacteria … Read More »

  • Dr Paul Lasky

      Monash University  Astrophysics       Gravitational waves are tiny ripples in the fabric of spacetime that are generated … Read More »

  • Dr Katherine Locock

      CSIRO Manufacturing  Chemistry       The impeding antibiotic resistance crisis is arguably the greatest current threat to the … Read More »

  • Dr Laura Mackay

      University of Melbourne  Immunology       Infections are generally acquired though barrier tissues such as the skin, gut … Read More »

  • Dr Ivan Poon

      La Trobe University  Cell Biology and Biochemistry       Programmed cell death, or apoptosis, occurs in essentially all … Read More »

  • Dr Benjamin Rubinstein

      The University of Melbourne Statistical Machine Learning       Dr Benjamin Rubinstein investigates the robustness of the Artificial … Read More »

  • Dr Emma Sciberras

      Deakin University  Child Psychology       About 300,000 young people in Australia have Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Although medication … Read More »

  • Dr Ke Wang

      University of Melbourne  Electrical and Electronics Engineering       High-speed wireless communication is critical to our modern lives, … Read More »