2015 Victorian Award Winners

  • Dr Pascal Molenberghs

        Monash University Research Field: Psychology Our brain as the most complex of human organs, is involved in everything … Read More »

  • Dr Qiaoliang Bao

        Monash University Research Field: Optical Nano-Materials Dr. Bao is developing ultra-thin materials and semi-transparent devices that will have … Read More »

  • Dr Suresh Mathivanan

          La Trobe University Research Field: Cancer Biology As part of Dr. Mathivanan’s research he is developing medical … Read More »

  • Dr Tamsyn Van Rheenen

        University of Melbourne Research Field: Clinical Neuropsychology and Neuroscience Dr. Van Rheenen’s research is focused on understanding the … Read More »

  • Dr Tracy Heng

        Monash University Research Field: Immunology The immune system is crucial for protecting us from infections, but in older … Read More »

  • Dr Elisha Riggs

        Murdoch Children’s Research Institute Research field: Public Health Dr. Riggs’ program for refugee and migrant health research has … Read More »

  • Dr Misty Jenkins

        Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre Research Field: Immunology Dr. Jenkins’ work focuses on the area of cytotoxic T lymphocyte … Read More »

  • Dr Ailie Gallant

        Monash University Research Field: Climatology The extremes of weather and climate are where society faces the nasty side … Read More »