2014 Victorian Award Winners

  • Dr Jee Hyun Kim

          Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health/University of Melbourne Research field: Behavioural Neuroscience Memory is pervasive. It … Read More »

  • Dr Jacek Jasieniak

          CSIRO Research Field: Materials Science Material scientists, like Dr Jasieniak, fuse together chemistry, physics and engineering, to … Read More »

  • Dr Marie Yap

          Monash University Research Field: Clinical Psychology/Population Mental Health’ Dr. Yap’s primary research interest lies in parenting and … Read More »

  • Dr Nikhil Medhekar

          Monash University Research Field: Materials Science and Engineering Dr. Medhekar is currently developing materials for three particular … Read More »

  • Dr Kaye Morgan

    Monash University Research Field: Phase Contrast X-Ray imaging, Physics Dr. Morgan has developed a new method of x-ray imaging which … Read More »

  • Dr Daniel Mathews

          Monash University Research Field: Geometry, Topology, Mathematical Physics. If you want to understand how the world works … Read More »

  • Dr Deanne Thompson

          Murdoch Children’s Research Institute Research Field: Neuroimaging A high proportion of children born preterm will have movement, … Read More »

  • Dr David McCarthy

          Monash University Research Field: Water Engineering Dr. McCarthy researches and develops novel treatment devices which can remove … Read More »

  • Dr Bernadette Fitzgibbon

          Monash University Research Field: Neuroscience Dr. Fitzgibbon’s research investigates the neurobiological basis of chronic pain. Current effective … Read More »

  • Dr Allison Milner

          The University of Melbourne Research Field: Public Health Research shows that stressful jobs, being in insecure work, … Read More »

  • Dr. Andrew Zalesky

          The University of Melbourne Research Field: Psychiatry Dr. Zalesky’s research shows that mental symptoms are caused by … Read More »