2013 Victorian Award Winners

  • Associate Professor Nick Birbilis

    Associate Professor Nick Birbilis Research Field: Materials engineering Monash University  Corrosion is a major problem for the modern world. We … Read More »

  • Dr Norman Do

    Dr Norman Do Research Field: Pure mathematics Monash University  It may come as a shock that new mathematical results are … Read More »

  • Dr Cara Doherty

    Dr Cara Doherty Research Field: Materials Science CSIRO  Imagine you could put a tongue depressor on your tongue and in … Read More »

  • Dr Kate Hoy

    Dr Kate Hoy Research Field: Neuroscience Monash University  Dr Hoy’s research is devoted to developing new treatments for the cognitive … Read More »

  • Associate Professor Baohua Jia

    Associate Professor Baohua Jia Research Field: Nanophotonics Swinburne University of Technology  The world is experiencing a serious climate problem, with … Read More »

  • Dr Shalin Naik

    2013 Victorian Young Tall Poppy of the Year Dr Shalin Naik Research Field: Immunology, Haematology Walter and Eliza Hall Institute … Read More »

  • Dr Jose Polo

    Dr Jose Polo Research Field: Cancer, Epigenetics and Cellular reprogramming Monash University  Understanding how cells acquire their identity (normal or … Read More »

  • Dr Adam Vogel

    Dr Adam Vogel The University of Melbourne Research Field: Behavioural Neuroscience People with progressive brain disorder often experience difficulties speaking, … Read More »