2012 Victorian Award Winners

  • Dr Ben Emery

    The University of Melbourne and Florey Neuroscience Institutes Research Field: Neuroscience Within the brain, nerve cells must send signals (nerve … Read More »

  • Dr Peter Enticott

    Monash University Research Field: Neuroscience Autism spectrum disorder (ASD, including autism and Asperger’s disorder) are a group of life-long developmental disabilities … Read More »

  • Dr Alex Fornito

    The University of Melbourne Research Field: Psychiatry and Neuroscience Dr. Fornito’s research is focused on brains; how they work, how … Read More »

  • Dr Tu’uhevaha Kaitu’u-Lino

    The University of Melbourne, Mercy Hospital for Women Research Field: Medical Research–Women’s Health Preeclampsia is a dreaded complication of pregnancy … Read More »

  • Dr Seth Masters

    The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute Research Field: Inflammation/Medical Research Seth Masters’ research investigates how our body works out what … Read More »

  • Dr James McCaw

    The University of Melbourne Research Field: Infectious disease epidemiology Influenza spreads through the community every year, causing many of us … Read More »

  • Dr Kate Murphy

    The University of Melbourne Research Field: Basic and Clinical Physiology The majority of cancer patients will suffer from wasting and … Read More »

  • Dr Colin Scholes

    The University of Melbourne, Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Research Field: Climate change mitigation The solution to climate change … Read More »

  • Dr Georgina Such

    The University of Melbourne Research Field: Polymer and Material Science Every year many people are diagnosed with various types of … Read More »

  • Dr Aaron Thornton

    CSIRO Research Field: Applied Mathematics Imagine a room filled with bouncy balls that never stop bouncing. That’s how gas molecules … Read More »

  • Dr Elena Tucker

    Murdoch Children’s Research Institute Research Field: Medical Genetics/Mitochondrial Disease Just like a car needs fuel to run, so too does … Read More »

  • Dr Paul Umina

    The University of Melbourne, Department of Zoology Research Field: Zoology (Sustainable Agriculture) Agriculture and land use are major issues in … Read More »