2011 Victorian Award Winners

  • Associate Professor Cassandra Szoeke

      National Ageing Research Institute Research Field: Healthy Ageing Australia is facing what could be described as an Alzheimer’s epidemic. … Read More »

  • Dr Alicia Spittle

      Murdoch Children’s Research Institute / University of Melbourne Research Field: Paediatrics/Newborn Medicine Advances in medicine over the past two … Read More »

  • Dr Fiona Scholes

      CSIRO Research Field: Surface and Interface Science Dr Scholes is working to improve the future of solar energy and … Read More »

  • Dr Yin Paradies

      University of Melbourne Research Field: Social Epidemiology Dr Paridies researches the extent of racism and its health, social and … Read More »

  • Dr David Turner

      Monash University Research Field: Chemistry How can we best trap or detect molecules and how do molecules pack together … Read More »

  • Dr Matthew Hill

      CSIRO Materials Science and Engineering Research Field: Materials Chemistry Dr Hill has developed ultra-porous materials known as metal organic … Read More »