2010 Victorian Award Winners

  • Dr Chris Tonkin

    2010 Tall Poppy of the Year – Molecular Parasitology/Malaria Biology The Walter & Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research   … Read More »

  • Dr Justin Boddey

    Malaria Protein Trafficking & Host Cell Remodelling The Walter & Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research Malaria is the most … Read More »

  • Dr Paul Francis

    Analytical Science, Deakin University The luminous glow of fireflies and the brilliant blue emission of light from the ‘luminol’ spray … Read More »

  • Dr Natalie Hannan

    Reproductive Biology, The University of Melbourne Dr Hannan’s research focuses on how a healthy pregnancy is established, particularly understanding the … Read More »

  • Dr Angus Johnston

    Nanotechnology, The University of Melbourne Many diseases, such as cancer, are not effectively treated because the drugs are not efficiently … Read More »

  • Dr Marc Kvansakul

    Structural Biology of Cell Death Regulation, La Trobe University Cell death (or apoptosis) is a fundamental process that allows organisms … Read More »

  • Dr Erinna Lee

    Biochemistry: Programmed Cell Death /Apoptosis The Walter & Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research For each of us to remain … Read More »

  • Dr Angela Morgan

    Childhood Speech & Swallowing Disorders, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute Speaking and eating are two critical everyday life skills. Speech disorders … Read More »