About the VIC Tall Poppy Campaign

The Tall Poppy Campaign was created by the Australian Institute of Policy and Science in 1998 to celebrate the centenary of the birth of Sir Howard Florey, Nobel Prize winner and discoverer of penicillin, and to promote awareness of the wealth of Australian scientific and intellectual excellence.

The campaign aims to promote an awareness of Australia’s intellectual achievements among the Australian public.  An important component of the campaign is the Tall Poppy Science Awards which recognise the achievements of outstanding young researchers in the sciences, including physical, biomedical and applied sciences and biotechnology. The awards not only acknowledge the recipients’ achievements, but also engage them in the promotion of science and innovation in the community.

The Tall Poppy Campaign has been in operation in Victoria since 1999, with Young Tall Poppy Science Awards ceremonies being held each year. More than 50 Young Tall Poppies have bloomed in Victoria during that time. Click here to find Victorian Tall Poppy Award winners and to read about their research.