Dr Geoff While





Dr Geoffrey While
University of Tasmania
Zoology, Evolution and Ecology

Dr While’s main research interest lies in trying to understand why animals live together. Since the factors responsible for the evolution of sociality remain a hotly debated topic in biology, his research explores how the environment affects the costs and benefits of living together. He hopes to understand where, when and why animal sociality evolves. Further to this, his research on climate change explores how changes in temperature, as a result of global warming, influences animal behaviour and will increased our understanding of how individuals will respond at ecological and evolutionary time-scales.

Geoffrey always seeks opportunities to communicate my work more broadly via popular science outlets such as New Scientist, ABC radio and television. The content of his work lends itself easily to communication to a broad public audience. Geoffrey has also worked to developed summer programs for high-school students and giving seminars to college students as part of National Science Week. He sees this outreach as the best way to showcase a career in Science.