Dr Melanie Macgregor

University of South Australia
Research Field: Material Science and Engineering

The development of clever coatings for modern technologies requires the understanding of wetting at the nanoscale. The extent to which a liquid will interact with a surface will prevent or permit a range of processes on surfaces, such as protein adsorption, biofilm formation, and can even determine stem cell fate.

Dr MacGregor’s research investigates different phenomena occurring at the interface between a nano-engineered substrate and a liquid phase. She has developed a new class of plasma polymer capable of binding irreversibly to functional biomolecules. These coatings can be used to selectively capture targeted cells from complex body fluids.

Melanie’s engagement extends through Science Alive! events, involvement in STEM education grants, and promoting diversity in STEM. Dr MacGregor was awarded her PhD from the University of South Australia in 2013, and is currently a Santos-University College London Research Fellow at the Future Industries Institute.