Dr Katharina Richter

The University of Adelaide
Research Field: Applied Microbiology and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Superbugs, such as Golden Staph, cause 700,000 deaths globally every year and existing antibiotics cannot effectively kill them. New weapons to fight superbugs are
urgently needed.

Dr Richter has developed two treatments for infections with antibiotic-resistant bacteria, specifically for recalcitrant chronic sinus infections, and translated both treatments to pilot studies in humans. The first treatment uses silver nanoparticles as a nasal rinse
after sinus surgery to reduce inflammation and destroy residual bacteria. The second treatment was included in a wound-healing gel, and was found to kill even antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Katharina is such an enthusiastic ambassador for science in the public sphere that she has organised the South Australian Pint of Science festival since 2015. She has also presented at Science Alive! annually since 2014, frequently discusses her research in international media, and performs science outreach activities at schools throughout greater Adelaide. Dr Richter received her PhD at The University of Adelaide in 2017, and is currently an Early Career Researcher, Basil Hetzel Institute for Translational Health
Research and The Queen Elizabeth Hospital, at The University of Adelaide.