Flinders University
Research Field: Molecular Ecology

Recent advances in DNA sequencing technology let us rapidly sequence whole
genomes at relatively low cost, allowing us to answer an unprecedented range of
questions. The accessibility of DNA information means that it can now be used to
help conservation of endangered species.

Dr Attard’s research has used DNA tools to ensure only unrelated individuals were
bred in captive breeding programs of endangered species, thereby maintaining
genetic health. Catherine’s research team have bread fish using this methodology,
leading to the successful reintroduction of an endangered fish species in the
Murray River.

Catherine’s engagement has spanned TV, radio, and print media, including
ABC News 24, Scope, and Australiasian Science. She has also advised various
governments on the conservation and management of endangered fish and
mammal species. Dr Attard was awarded her PhD from Macquarie University in
2014, and she is currently a lecturer at Flinders University.