2018 South Australian Award Winners

  • ATTARD_SA_2018

    Dr Catherine Attard

    Flinders University Research Field: Molecular Ecology Recent advances in DNA sequencing technology let us rapidly sequence whole genomes at relatively … Read More »

  • BALZAN_SA_2018

    Dr Ryan Balzan

    Flinders University Research Field: Psychology People with delusions jump to conclusions, where they make hasty decisions based on very little … Read More »


    Dr Melanie Macgregor

    University of South Australia Research Field: Material Science and Engineering The development of clever coatings for modern technologies requires the … Read More »

  • PRAINO_SA_2018

    Dr Rodrigo Praino

    Flinders University Research Field: Political Science In democracies, citizens are asked to make extremely important decisions on who governs them. … Read More »

  • MITCHELL_SA_2018

    Dr Lewis Mitchell

    The University of Adelaide Research Field: Applied Mathematics and Data Science Understanding how (mis)information flows over social networks is increasingly … Read More »

  • RICHTER_SA_2018

    Dr Katharina Richter

    The University of Adelaide Research Field: Applied Microbiology and Pharmaceutical Sciences Superbugs, such as Golden Staph, cause 700,000 deaths globally … Read More »

  • SHEARER_SA_2018

    Dr Cameron Shearer

    The University of Adelaide Research Field: Nanotechnology Solar cells are already widely used on rooftops with great success, but rooftop … Read More »

  • SPARKES_SA_2018

    Dr Benjamin Sparkes

    The University of Adelaide Research Field: Photonics Current encryption methods are likely to be defeated by the impending development of … Read More »

  • THOMAS_SA_2018

    A/Prof Emma Thomas

    Flinders University Research Field: Psychology Certain disasters will promote historically large public responses, while other events will not garner the … Read More »

  • WHILEY_SA_2018

    Dr Harriet Whiley

    Flinders University Research Field: Environmental Health Water quality and food safety are important for maintaining public health. Diseases from contaminated … Read More »