Dr_John_Arnold_portrait_low_res2University of South Australia

Research Field: Podiatry

Dr Arnold is a clinician-researcher investigating foot pain. Osteoarthritis; a condition that destroys the joints of the foot, is a leading cause of foot pain in the community, and is often erroneously dismissed as an inevitable part of ‘getting older’.

One in four people in Australia suffers from foot pain, which causes trouble with balance, walking and daily activities. The enormous physical demands we place on our feet is often related to the development of foot pain and disability through the destruction of bone and cartilage that help maintain healthy joints. In two thirds of cases, foot pain is due to osteoarthritis.

Like the suspension system in your car, the foot is usually a highly effective shock absorber. With foot osteoarthritis, this suspension system becomes damaged; the joints of the foot become overloaded, causing them to break down. Dr Arnold’s research is trying to determine why these joints become overloaded and how it can be stopped.

Dr Arnold writes articles for the Royal Institution of Australia, The Conversation, and Sports Medicine Australia’s Sport Health magazine. His research has been represented on the radio, on Chanel Ten’s Scope and he is actively involved in Arthritis SA. Dr Arnold is currently a Lecturer at the University of South Australia.