2016 South Australian Award Winners

  • Dr Lyndsey Collins-Praino

    The University of Adelaide Research Field: Neuroscience Dr Lyndsey Collins-Praino studies the possibilities for new treatment strategies for Parkinson’s Disease. … Read More »

  • Dr Justin Chalker

    Flinders University Research Field: Organic Chemistry Dr Justin Chalker uses innovative chemistry to solve grand challenges in sustainability, biochemistry and … Read More »

  • Dr Luke Bennetts

    The University of Adelaide Research Field: Theoretical and Applied Mathematics Dr Luke Bennetts uses mathematics and laboratory experiments to study waves. … Read More »

  • Dr John Arnold

    University of South Australia Research Field: Podiatry Dr Arnold is a clinician-researcher investigating foot pain. Osteoarthritis; a condition that destroys … Read More »

  • Dr Heidi Alleway

    Department of Primary Industries and Regions, South Australia (PIRSA) Research Field: Marine Ecology Dr Heidi Alleway research is interested in … Read More »

  • Dr Nicole Lovato

    Flinders University Research Field: Sleep and Circadian Rhythms Dr Nicole Lovato’s research is focused on sleep, the ‘body clock’ and … Read More »

  • Dr Tom Raimondo

    University of South Australia Research Field: Geology and Geochemistry Dr Tom Raimondo examines the eroded remains of a once giant … Read More »

  • Dr Camille Short

    The University of Adelaide Research Field: Behavioural Medicine Dr Camille Short is interested in how to increase the population’s physical … Read More »

  • Dr Susan Wood

    The University of Adelaide and SAHMRI Research Field: Cancer Research Dr Susan Wood’s research group is focused on unravelling gastrointestinal … Read More »