Dr Simon Conn_landscape_SA_Low_Res3SA Pathology
Research Field: Cancer Biology

Cancer metastasis is responsible for over 90% of cancer-related death and involves a complex gene process, where relatively immobile cancer cells become more invasive and move to a secondary site in the body, away from the original tumour. Dr Conn has discovered that novel pieces of genetic information, called circular RNAs, are present at much higher levels in human metastatic cells, representing potential new targets for cancer therapy.

Simon has worked with primary school students, participating in the CSIRO Scientists in Schools program and has advised the school board at Hills Christian Community School to develop a framework to enhance their science curriculum. He has spoken at the SACE Research Project Student Expo and the Royal Adelaide Show.

Dr Conn was awarded his PhD from Flinders University in 2006 and is currently a Research Fellow and Laboratory Head at the Centre for Cancer Biology, SA Pathology.