2014 South Australian Award Winners

  • Dr Hannah Brown

          The University of Adelaide Reproductive Epigenetics Hannah’s research focuses on understanding the origins of diabetes and related … Read More »

  • Dr Cristian Birzer

          The University of Adelaide  Fluid Mechanics, Laser Diagnostics and Combustion In the developing world, people are reliant … Read More »

  • Dr Stephanie Reuter Lange

          University of South Australia Pharmacology The ability of a drug to work effectively is dependent on doses … Read More »

  • Dr Michael Short

          University of South Australia Multidisciplinary Environmental Sciences Michael’s research broadly revolves around a central theme of seeking … Read More »

  • Dr Ramiz Boulos

          Flinders University Novel Antibiotics Development In Australia, multi-drug resistant (MDR) infections claim the lives of over 3,000 … Read More »

  • Dr Bradley Simpson

          Flinders University Indigenous-guided Drug Discovery Bradley conducts collaborative scientific research with Aboriginal people and their communities from … Read More »

  • Dr Deirdre Zander-Fox

          The University of Adelaide Obstetrics and Gynaecology Current rates of infertility in Australia are high with approximately … Read More »

  • Dr Margarita Tsiros

          University of South Australia Childhood Obesity Margarita’s research provides a platform for innovative approaches to explore the … Read More »