2016 Queensland Award Winners

  • Dr Ali Zaid

    Viral Immunology, Intravital Microscopy, Innate Immunity Griffith University   Several mosquito-borne viruses are now considered a global threat in light … Read More »

  • Dr Anna Hatton

    Ageing and Neurological Rehabilitation The University of Queensland   Falling is a serious threat to the health and well-being of … Read More »

  • Dr Barnaby Dixson

    Human Behavioural Ecology The University of Queensland   Dr Barnaby Dixson’s research is about the science of attractiveness by looking … Read More »

  • Dr Jennifer Donelson

    Marine Ecology ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies, James Cook University   Currently, most research into the effects … Read More »

  • Dr John Bennett

    Physicochemical soil science University of Southern Queensland   Unlike money, food and clothing do grow on trees. With a growing … Read More »

  • Dr Luke Knibbs

    Environmental Health The University of Queensland   We all breathe about 10,000 litres of air each day, constantly being exposed … Read More »

  • Dr Makrina Totsika

    Medical Microbiology Queensland University of Technology   In 2014, the World Health Organisation declared antimicrobial resistance a global health priority … Read More »

  • Dr Malcolm Gillies

    Hydraulic Engineering and Irrigation University of Southern Queensland   Agriculture is struggling to meet the demands of our current world … Read More »

  • Dr Paul Giacomin

    Immunology James Cook University   Every day our immune system faces the enormous task of protecting us from infections. However, … Read More »

  • Associate Professor Raymond Chan

    Cancer and Oncology Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital and Queensland University of Technology   Associate Professor Chan is a cancer … Read More »

  • Dr Sally Staton

    Sleep science, developmental science Queensland University of Technology   Sleep is important. Science tells us that night sleep has long-term … Read More »

  • Dr Shyuan Ngo

    Neuroscience Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital and The University of Queensland    Great improvements in treatments of a wide array … Read More »