2015 Queensland Award Winners

  • Dr Andrew Chin

    Ecology of marine predators James Cook University Despite popular belief, sharks are actually important animals that keep our marine ecosystems … Read More »

  • Dr Alison McCarthy

    Mechatronic Engineering University of Southern Queensland Global food demand is expected to double by 2050, while water availability, climate variability … Read More »

  • Dr Kate Hutson

    Marine Parasitology James Cook University Parasitism is the most popular lifestyle on Earth, even fish get parasites on their scales, … Read More »

  • Dr Matthew Thompson

    Cognitive Science The University of Queensland People with genuine expertise can perform quickly and accurately, and with little information. Police … Read More »

  • A/Professor Michael Milford

    Robotics, Neuroscience Queensland University of Technology Associate Professor Milford’s expertise is modelling how the brain helps us navigate; unlocking how … Read More »

  • Dr Bridie Scott-Parker

    Adolescent Risk, Traffic and Transport Psychology University of the Sunshine Coast Far too many young drivers and their passengers are … Read More »

  • Dr Cheryl McCarthy

    Mechatronic engineering applied to agriculture University of Southern Queensland Dr McCarthy’s leads research projects that are focussed on developing new … Read More »

  • Dr Dani Barrington

    Humanitarian Engineering Monash University / International WaterCentre Dr Barrington is a Humanitarian Engineer who specialises in water, sanitation and hygiene … Read More »

  • Dr Jack Clegg

    Metallo-supramolecular Chemistry The University of Queensland Dr Clegg’s work is developing new materials that will assist with the separation and … Read More »

  • Dr Paul Pounds

    Robotics University of Queensland Drones are becoming an increasingly powerful tool, with tremendous potential to benefit society for everything from … Read More »

  • Dr Christopher Brown

    Marine ecology and fisheries Griffith University Healthy ocean ecosystems are critical to support fisheries, which provide incomes, jobs and food … Read More »