Dr Bradley Partridge

Dr Bradley Partridge_portrait_72dpiDr Bradley Partridge

The University of Queensland

Public Health/Neuroethics

Science doesn’t happen in a vacuum and it is important to understand the ethical, social, and policy issues that come with medical research outcomes. One area of Dr Partridge’s research centres on the use of “smart drugs”, drugs that are said to be able to increase normal levels of intelligence, memory or attention span by those taking them. His research asks questions like: Can we be sure these “smart drugs” really work? What are the side effects? How should we regulate these drugs if they are used for “enhancement” rather than “treatment”? Finding answers involves looking at the evidence, conducting surveys and coming up with the best way to manage the promises and perils.

In 2011, Bradley was an invited speaker at the Adelaide Festival of Ideas on the topic “Immortality…Reality?”. His work has been featured in major Australian newspapers including the Sydney Morning Herald and Herald Sun. In 2012 he was also interviewed for a feature article in Rolling Stone magazine titled “Building a Better Brain: Wired on Nootropics” (Nov, 2012). He has also written articles for The Conversation about the use of stimulant drugs by students and athletes; and, ethical issues related to the management of concussion in sport.