Ass Prof Tammy Hoffmann

Bond University and The University of Queensland
Research Field: Evidence-based practice, patient education, occupational therapy

Associate Professor Hoffmann’s research aims to identify facilitators to and barriers of evidence-based practice from the health professionals’ perspective including access to, and usability of research evidence; explore patients’ understanding of health information, adherence and behaviour change, particularly in chronic conditions (e.g. stroke, falls); and develop and evaluate methods of facilitating shared decision making and the effective communication of health information and evidence to patients. Her research has already led to the development and rigorous evaluation, through randomised controlled trials, of a number of effective resources which have been implemented into clinical practice in Australia and internationally.

Tammy is an expert for topics of stroke secondary prevention and Recovery for The National Stroke Foundation (NSF) ‘Ask an Expert’ web-based forum. She has engaged with Diabetes Australia Queensland regarding the design and evaluation of their diabetes community expos. She has also conducted numerous workshops, nationally and internationally on evidence-based practice and patient education. Tammy is a volunteer member reviewer for the Voice of Young Science (Sense about Science and Evidence) international network.