Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute


Heart failure is a serious condition where the pumping ability of the heart is impaired and cannot maintain the body’s metabolic needs. Dr Wang’s clinical research focuses on identifying factors which may assist early detection, as well as risk factors which may precipitate early onset of this disease. Recently he has been examining how the heart functions in zebrafish, an animal which, unlike humans, can repair damaged heart muscle, and can also be genetically modified to help simulate how genetic mutations may potentially affect heart function.

Dr Wang has made several world-first discoveries relating to gender- and age-dependent differences in cardiac structure and function.

Louis has pioneered the technique of high frequency ultrasound in Australia to allow study of heart structure and function in living zebrafish, knowledge which he has since taught to others. At the research institute where he works, he constantly encourages a culture of innovation and creativity among his peers. He has written on topics related to medicine, science and education (e.g. public health, medical research funding and education). Louis provides tours to the general public and has been an invited speaker at Career Nights at local high schools.