2015 NSW Award Winners

  • Dr Dan Johnstone

        University of Sydney Neuroscience Around 400,000 Australians live with intractable age-related neurodegenerative conditions such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s … Read More »

  • Dr Dane McCamey

        University of NSW Physics Dr McCamey’s research aims to identify, characterize and control the many ways that electrons … Read More »

  • Dr Deborah Cromer

        University of NSW Mathematical modelling of infection Dr Cromer’s research uses mathematics to explore the transmission of infectious … Read More »

  • Dr Edith Chow

        CSIRO Nanotechnology Imagine having a hand-held device that can alert you of your health condition at an early … Read More »

  • Dr Elizabeth New

        University of Sydney Bioinorganic chemistry and chemical biology Often diseases arise because of changes to the chemical content … Read More »

  • Associate Professor Igor Aharonovich

        University of Technology, Sydney Nanoscale engineering To observe, understand and potentially control the many important biological processes that … Read More »

  • Dr Amy Reichelt

        University of NSW Behavioural Neuroscience Dr Reichelt’s research looks at the effects of modern diets – loaded with … Read More »

  • Dr Ben Colagiuri

        University of Sydney Psychology The majority of Dr Colagiuri’s research focuses on the placebo effect – whereby a … Read More »

  • Dr Camilla Whittington

        University of Sydney Comparative genomics/Evolutionary biology Viviparity (live birth) is a critical evolutionary innovation that allowed animals, rather … Read More »

  • Dr Mirela Tulbure

        University of NSW Applied Ecological Remote Sensing In Australia (the driest inhabited continent), competing demands, climate change and … Read More »

  • Dr Nikola Bowden

        The University of Newcastle and Hunter Medical Research Institute Cancer Research Dr Bowden’s main research interest is DNA … Read More »

  • Dr Rachael Gallagher

        Macquarie University Plant Ecology Dr Gallagher is an ecologist specialising in the functional biogeography of the Australian flora. … Read More »

  • Dr Tanya Latty

        University of Sydney Animal Behaviour/Ecology/Entomology Have you ever wondered how ants, which have brains smaller than a grain … Read More »