Dr Angela Nickerson





University of New South Wales
Research Field: Refugee and Post Conflict Mental Health

Dr Angela Nickerson is a NHMRC Clinical Early Career Research Fellow in the field of Refugee and post-conflict mental health. With over 25 million refugees around the world understanding refugee mental health is a critical public health concern internationally.

Angela’s research employs experimental methods to uncover mechanisms underlying the relationship between refugee trauma and mental health outcomes. She was the first to develop a comprehensive theory of these psychological processes.

Furthermore her research focuses on psychological strategies that can be enacted to improve refugee mental health. This work will potentially lead to improved quality of life for refugees as well as building their capacity to contribute to the Australian community, promoting positive social and economic outcomes nationally.

Given the important social element of her research, Angela has been active in engaging communities. She has provided a number of workshops for stakeholder groups. Her research program, the Refugee Trauma and Recovery Program, is heavily involved in disseminating her research findings to refugees, asylum-seeker service providers and community members.