2013 NSW Award Winners

  • Dr Sarah Perkins

        Dr Sarah Perkins University Of NSW Climate Extremes Despite their adverse impacts, definitions and measurements of heatwaves are … Read More »

  • Dr Peter Macreadie

        Dr Peter Macreadie University of Technology, Sydney Marine Ecology Australian seagrass ecosystems are among the most powerful carbon … Read More »

  • Dr Belinda Liddell

        Dr Belinda Liddell University of NSW Neurobiological mechanisms of traumatic stress The plight of refugees affects over 25 … Read More »

  • Dr Jessica Grisham

          Dr Jessica Grisham University of NSW Psychology Dr Grisham’s research aims to better understand what causes obsessive-compulsive … Read More »

  • Dr Vanessa Peterson

            Dr Vanessa Peterson Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation – ANSTO Physical and Materials Chemistry Dr … Read More »

  • Dr Dennis Stello

        Dr Dennis Stello (OTY) University of Sydney Astrophysics: asteroseismology Dr Stello studies the sounds of stars, a new … Read More »

  • Dr Neeraj Sharma

          Dr Neeraj Sharma University of NSW Solid State and Materials Chemistry We currently use vast amounts of … Read More »

  • Dr Julian Berengut

          Dr Julian Berengut University of NSW Theoretical Physics Dr Berengut’s research centres on the ‘Goldilocks’ riddle: Why … Read More »

  • Dr Alexander Argyros

          Dr Alexander Argyros University of Sydney Photonics Dr Argyros’ research is focused on understanding how light interacts … Read More »