Australian National University

Dr Lu’s team are working on nanoscale science and technology, aiming to understand and manipulate materials, devices and systems at the nanoscale. The properties of matter change at such a small scale and they are working to unlock the numerous possibilities inherent in this exciting field, which has various applications in areas ranging from nano-manufacturing, sensors, energy harvesting to biomedical devices.

One of his projects aims to develop ultra-thin and flexible devices, based on the emerging layered materials that have a thickness less than one nanometer. They have created the world’s thinnest lens, which opens the door to flexible computer displays and a revolution in miniature cameras.

Yuerui has been interviewed by  ABC News,  The Daily Free Press (USA), and SBS Mandarin Radio. He  was awarded ANU Media Outreach Award in 2015,and is also serving as a Coordinating Committee member for National Science Week 2016. Larry has created a YouTube channel, published two book chapters about nanotechnology, and is currently editing a book aiming to share the discoveries to a broader community.