Public Health and Public Policy
UNSW Canberra

Over the past three decades, mainstream policy research has neglected the implementation stage and research has tended to focus only on the success or failure of a policy without determining why such outcomes occurred. Dr Carey undertakes policy implementation research to help address this important knowledge gap, with the goal of creating better social and health outcomes for citizens. Presently, her research focuses on the implementation of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). The NDIS is a ‘once in a generation’ reform and is the largest market-based welfare reform ever attempted. The results of Gemma’s research will help us to more effectively implemented the NDIS, in addition to informing the design and implemention of future public service reforms in other areas (e.g. aged care) and other countries.

Gemma is the founder and co-director of ‘Power to Persuade’ (PTP), an annual forum and policy blog which builds knowledge, capacity and networks across government, community and research around the social determinants of health. PTP has grown into a high profile annual event, drawing together more than 150 invited senior researchers, policymakers and community sector leaders. It is sponsored by a range of NGOs, Universities, the Victorian Government, and peak bodies including the Victorian Council of Social Services. PTP is unusual in that it allows attendees to explore each other’s ‘practice’ (i.e. what they do and how), learn from one another, and find ways to work more effectively together to address the social disadvatnage and inequality.