Dr Elizabeth Williams

The Australian National University
Research Field: Nuclear physics

Dr Williams attempts to understand this subatomic world, by ‘smashing’ atoms together to see if they “fuse”, to form new nuclei, or break apart. Studying the difference between these two outcomes may reveal the best way to make new superheavy elements that we think should exist but are still struggling to create.

Dr Williams and her colleagues contribute to the search for these new elements by studying the delicate quantum physics that governs this fusion process.

Elizabeth has worked as a freelance science journalist for publications like Australian Geographic and Plenty Magazine, and understands the importance of writing about science with a specific audience in mind. She is only new to the ACT but is hoping to use her work with the Yale Physics Olympics and CSIRO’s Scientist’s in Schools program, to help the public understand how nuclear science affects our daily lives, through her writing and also messy experiments.