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Tasmanian Government supports science


At a Tall Poppy Breakfast the Hon David O’Byrne, Minister for Innovation, Science & Technology announced $5,000 in support of the Tasmanian Tall Poppy Campaign and outlined the state’s commitment to developing and implementing a Science and Research Sector Strategy.

The $5,000 will go towards a prize for the 2011 Young Tall Poppy Scientist of the Year in 2011 – towards furthering their research.

The breakfast brought together senior government, industry, academic, research and education representatives to discuss the opportunities and challenges involved in inspiring the next generation of of Tasmanian scientists and the relevance for the state’s economic, civic and social well-being.

Guest speakers included Professor Peter Rathjen, newly appointed Vice Chancellor of the University of Tasmania, also a Director of AIPS and a Young Tall Poppy alumnus, who spoke about Why science matters; alongside AIPS Executive Director, Elektra Spathopoulos who talked about the Tall Poppy Campaign and shared challenges in inspiring science.

Read the Tasmanian government media release.

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