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Howard Florey’s 114th birthday


The 24th of Septmeber 1898 is the day that Howard Florey was born in Adelaide. Contrary to popular belief, Florey did not discover Penicillin, instead he discovered it’s antibacterial properties of the mould. This discovery revolutionised patient treatments and had dramatic implications for treating wounded soldiers in World War 1

Signed Howard Florey Paper and Penicillin petrie dishes

Courtesy of the Powerhouse Museum

In 1945, the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was awarded jointly to three scientists: Alexander Fleming (who discovered penicillin), Ernst Chain (who assisted Florey in it’s development as a treatment) and Howard Florey.

The Australian Institute of Policy and Science now biennially recognises an outstanding Australian biomedical researcher for significant achievements in biomedical science and / or human health advancement through the CSL Florey Medal. The next researcher is due to be recognised in 2013.

CSL Florey Medal