CSL Florey Medal

The CSL Florey Medal

The Florey Medal is awarded biennially to an Australian biomedical researcher for significant lifetime achievements in biomedical science and / or human health advancement. In addition to the silver medal, the award currently carries a prize of $50,000 due to the generous support of CSL Limited.

This award was established in 1998 by the Australian Institute of Policy and Science in honour of the Australian Nobel Prize-winning scientist, Sir Howard Florey, who developed penicillin.

The Florey Medal is part of the Tall Poppy Campaign which aims to recognise and promote scientific and intellectual excellence in Australia.

The 2017 CSL Florey Medal was announced on the 6th of December at the AAMRI Annual Dinner. The winner was Professor Elizabeth Rakoczy from the Lions Eye Institute at the University of Western Australia. Read about her work here


Read more about previous Florey Medal winners below:

2015 Professor Perry Bartlett

For his work with the brain and stem cells

2013 Professor Ruth Bishop

For her work on understanding the rotavirus and the creation of a vaccine.

The 2011 CSL Florey Medal winner was Professor Graeme Clark for pioneering the bionic ear

2009 – Professor John Hopwood

Diagnosis and treatment of genetically inherited disorders that affect children with clinical effects leading to progressive destruction of the brain and other organs

2006 – Professor Ian Frazer

Research towards the development of vaccines against Human Papillomaviruses including cervical cancer and genital warts affecting the lives of millions globally.

2004 – Professor Peter Colman

Structural biology research, particularly for the discovery of a new class of anti-influenza drug.

2002 – Professor Colin Masters

Work relating to Alzheimer’ disease.

2000 – Professor Jacques Miller

Discovery of the function of the thymus shich signalled a seminal contribution to immumology.

1998 – Dr Robin Warren and Professor Barry Marshall

Discovery of the bacterium Helicobacter pylori and its role in gastritis and peptic ulcer disease.

The Medal

The Florey Medal is hand sculpted by Michael Meszaros. Michael has lived as a sculptor in Melbourne for nearly four decades, producing a wide range of work ranging from major public pieces to his speciality of medals. He learned this from his father Andor, also a sculptor and medallist of international reputation.

This work is closely based on a portrait medal Andor made when Sir Howard Florey sat for him in 1963, commissioned by the Florey Institute at Melbourne University. Michael met Sir Howard at the time. Using Andor’s original as a guide, Michael has remodelled it in this size, adding a different inscription, designing a reverse and casting it in bright sterling silver.

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