Young Tall Poppy Science Award Ceremonies

We aim to reach as broad an audience as possible in announcing our awards, to ensure recipients gain peer recognition as well as public exposure, impact and stakeholder inclusion – that means government, academia, industry, media, diverse publics and individuals. This is in line with Tall Poppy Campaign objectives and Inspiring Australia principles.

Details on dates and events for each state and territory in 2019 are as follows:

  • South Australia – 29 July (SA Tall Poppy of the Year to be presented at the SA Science Excellence Awards on 9 August)
  • Northern Territory – 10th August (TBC)
  • New South Wales – 15th August
  • Australian Capital Territory – 3rd September
  • Victoria – 10th September (TBC)
  • Queensland – 13th September
  • Western Australia – 19th September
  • Tasmania – 15th October