SA School Events

Tall Poppy events are open to all Primary and High Schools interested in helping students meet, and interact with, leading young science researchers.

There is a range of event possibilities and we are always interested in discussing individual circumstances where a passionate young scientist could value-add to an existing event or where we can tailor an activity perfect for your school. We do not charge schools for any of our events.

The Tall Poppy Campaign can coordinate activities such as:

  > School Visits
School visits can be from one class to a whole grade and can include 1 or 2 scientists.

Please contact us if you would like to enquire about a school visit.

  > Science-themed Seminars
Seminars involving Tall Poppies are planned right across the country. If you have an idea for a seminar that supports the science outcomes of your students then contact us to discuss. You can also get in touch if you would like to be invited to a seminar if they happen in your area.

Some examples of themes in the past are:

“Science is an Ocean of Discovery”
Audience: Students of Yr 8-10

“What is Science?”
Audience: Students of Yr 8-10

“Electronic Engineering – Much More Than Building”
Audience: Students of Yr 9-10

If you are interested in booking a visit from the Tall Poppies, email the relevant Tall Poppy Campaign State Manager.

  > Videoconferences
The Tall Poppy Campaign has been at the forefront of providing school videoconference content to schools and students for many years. Videoconferencing is an excellent way to help bring science to life for those classes in regional or remote areas or who find it difficult to travel to outreach events.

If you’d like to find out more information or discuss being involved, contact us here.

  > Workshops for Teachers
The Tall Poppy Campaign can also assist in the development or execution of Professional Development or workshops for teachers.

Please contact us if you would like to schedule or be invited to a workshop.

  > Tall Poppy regional tours
Regional tours, which involve a handful of Tall Poppies visiting a number of regional or remote schools in an area, are possible. If schools in your area are interested in having a physical visit from some scientists then please get in contact to discuss.

  > Register your interest
If you would like your school added to our database to receive information about upcoming events in your area, contact the relevant State Manager to register. You can find contact information here.


Example of a Tall Poppy Event

How to Engineer Sustainability

Feb 2011

On the 25th Feb 2011, 120 students from eight schools around Adelaide descended on the Mawson Lakes Conference centre to learn about the fantastic opportunities available in Engineering.

The collaboration between the SA Tall Poppy Campaign and the Northern Advanced Manufacturing Industry Group (NAMIG) bought together industry and academia for a day-long workshop entitled How to Engineer Sustainability.

With speakers ranging from a CSIRO scientist to a Clipsal Industrial Designer, students enjoyed a very successful and interactive day dispelling the myth that engineering is just bridges and machinery.

For many students, and even teachers, the term ‘Engineering’ can be an impenetrable one. By pulling apart the umbrella term students had the chance to experience the many possibilities within ‘Engineering’ – including BioMedical, Civil, Chemical, Electrical, Electronic, Mechanical and Aerospace.

By looking at each engineering stream through the lens of sustainability, student were able to see how the varied disciplines can come together to address one of the biggest challenges of their future.

By pairing up an industry speaker with a high level scientific researcher, each of the workshops emphasised the importance of innovation and research as well as the practical applications of the technologies on the ground. In this way the event covered the career prospects of the tertiary-inclined students as well as VET and trades students, like those that attended from St Patrick’s Technical College, from Adelaide’s north.

Students were given the chance to play with cutting edge biomedical equipment, become a design consultant for Clipsal, see a Coca-Cola can turned into a data retrieval device for a Mars landing and compete in the surprisingly difficult task of building a paddle-pop stick bridge.

To finish the day students had to apply everything they had learnt to how each engineering stream could be involved in making Australia more sustainable in the face of natural disasters – all for the chance to win a laser-skirmish match for them and nine friends donated by Two Worlds Collide Laser Skirmish.

With excellent feedback from students and teachers, the Tall Poppy Campaign will look forward to organising the event again in the future.