The following are downloadable educational resources produced by the Tall Poppy Campaign for use by primary and high school students and teachers (from year 4 to year 10). All materials focus on a wide range of scientific concepts and on Australian scientists (past and present) who have made discoveries and contributions in these fields.

  • Science Heroes

    These activity sheets contain easy-to-understand information and fun activities on a range of scientific concepts including medicines, ecosystems, aeroplanes, mining, … Read More »

  • Tall Poppy Information Sheets

    Profile sheets on Young Tall Poppy Science Award winners containing info on their work, achievements and career paths. These can … Read More »

  • Rediscovering Science

    Rediscovering Science is an exciting initiative that brings students into contact with practising NSW scientists, particularly the emerging new leadership … Read More »

  • Classroom Resources

    Classroom activity sheets Engineering Sustainability Quiz How would you Engineers Sustainability?