Information for authors


AQ – Australian Quarterly welcomes unsolicited submissions of articles on issues where scientific and other perspectives have a bearing on current socially and politically hot issues that are relevant to Australian public affairs and/or have global or regional significance.  We also solicit articles.

AQ bridges the gap between magazine and journal. As such we combine the intellectual rigour of a journal with the quality writing of a glossy magazine. AQ offers the unique space for authors to tease out the social, political and scientific ramifications of their research or field of expertise without the standard restrictions of academic journals while still writing for a highly educated audience.

Specifications for contributions

  • Articles should be between 2000 and 3000 words in length.
  • Longer articles may be considered at the discretion of the Editor and are frequently accepted if below 5000 words and relevant.
  • Letters to the Editor should be no more than 700 words in length.
  • All contributions should be clearly written and argued so they can be understood by a non-specialist readership.
  • A short biographical note (max. 50 words) must accompany all contributions. An image of the author to accompany this bio is optional but appreciated.
  • Text contributions should be submitted in Word format.
  • Contributors are encouraged to submit images with articles with appropriate attributions.
  • Visual contributions should be of print quality, high resolution preferable. Please contact us to discuss. Images accompanying your aricle may assist in it being accepted for publication.
  • The inclusion of references and endnotes is at the discretion of the author. Please include any references in endnote form. References are welcomed but should not be excessive in number.
  • The use of abbreviations and acronyms should also be kept to a minimum.
  • AQ currently favours Australian Standard English and some proof reading amendments may be made in line with this preference.
  • All contributions should be sent to the Editor
  • Contributors should also provide their postal address for complimentary copies of the publication, and are encouraged to suggest other recipients of complimentary editions (up to five).


  • Copyright of all contributions to AQ – Australian Quarterly belongs to the Australian Institute of Policy & Science. Authors still retain certain royalty rights in relation to their contributions.
  • In return, authors have a non-exclusive license to publish the paper elsewhere at a future date.
  • Persons wishing to reproduce an article, or part thereof, must obtain the Institute’s permission.
  • AQ has a standard agreement for authors to sign in relation to their publications – click here to download.

Peer review

AQ is not automatically subject to a peer review process as it targets a generalist readership. However, submissions may be peer-reviewed on request from authors, or at the discretion of the Editor, and such requests are generally honoured.


AQ is unfortunately not able to offer payment for any articles or other contributions, but has thrived for 80 years on this basis.


AQ’s current Editor is Grant Mills, based in South Australia.

For further enquiries about AQ please contact us