AQ Volume 89, Issue 3

AQ: Australian Quarterly 89.3 – July 2018


How can redefining business save the world? Why is it that the evidence for medical cannabis continues to be ignored? And in the race for space, what role for Australia and its new Space Agency…?

We also interrogate the invisible hand of Compact City policies, that have shaped the places in which we live, and take a trip through the colours of Malawi.

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A Nation in Pain: Can Medicinal Cannabis Help?

In the new AQ:

Rural School Principals – PD and getting the 3Rs correct

Remember how your school principal knew your name, the names of your siblings, parents and grandparents? No? Perhaps that’s because you went to a city school. Principals of rural schools are integral parts of their communities. They work twenty-four hours a day in the “fish bowl” environment of a country town. And with all the complexities of the job, why would anyone be an isolated principal in the country? Rural school principals do an amazing job and are generally highly respected by community members; but who supports them?

Kathryn Hardwick-Franco


A New Horizon – Australia in the Global Space Race

Australia is no stranger to the global space race; we were critical in landing men on the moon, we are have some of the most advanced astronomy infrastructure in the world, and until 1996 we had our own space agency. Yet with governments, businesses and moguls increasingly looking to the stars, Australia can’t afford to miss the (space)ship. This year, a new Australian Space Agency has been launched and it will face numerous challenges in navigating what remains the final frontier of human exploration.

Duncan Blake and Tyson Lange

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A Nation in Pain: Can Medicinal Cannabis Help?

An estimated 29 per cent of Australians suffer from chronic pain. Often sufferers are prescribed opioids, yet opioids have been the leading cause of all drug-induced deaths in Australia for the past 17 years. Increasingly, evidence supports the use of medical marijuana for pain sufferers, yet the laws in Australia have done little to support it. Orwellian laws, different requirements between states, and mountains of paperwork have all stood between doctors, sufferers and their relief.

Suvi Mahonen

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The Density Question: The Compact City in Australia

The concept of the ‘Compact City’ has been around for decades in one form or another, often influencing government infrastructure choices, zoning decisions and construction imperatives. And with over 60% of Australians living in only 5 population centres, these underpinning concepts affect the lives and wellbeing of most Australians. Yet how have the principles and assumptions of the Compact Cities model actually fared in reality, and is it time to have another look at how we shape the environments in which we live?

Raymond Bunker and Glen Searle


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