AQ – Volume 80, Issue 5

Imagining a Future for Public Education

There has been an increase in enrolments in private schools in recent years. In response it has been suggested that we need to ‘support’ public education. The debate plays out in the media as if it is a polarised system. It may be, however, that the deeper problems confronting schooling are the same in each sector and across the board. If it is the case that there are common challenges in every school, then could schooling as a whole be organised in a different and more supportive manner, regardless of sector?

Ian Willis

Democracy in Place: Parochial Politics and the 2008 Local Government Election

The 2008 New South Wales local government elections were held across the state on Saturday 13 September against the background of a meltdown of the State Labor government. There was the sacking of Matt Brown, the police minister, the dismissal of Noreen Hay and the removal of the incumbent premier, Morris Iemma. It was predicted by some that this turmoil would play out at the local government elections. It failed to do so: what happened?

Sean David Burke

The Way Forward

Imagine a world where people trade in an agreed currency, where the exchange rate is established by common consent, where trade in non-capital assets, like debt, is discourage and people deal in real capital assets. The stock market remains essentially as it is – a casino – but no longer an indicator of the state of world economies. Is such a utopia as described possible? This article discusses a possible way forward out of the world financial crisis.

Val Wake

Burma‘s Mythical Isles

Since the Early 1990s, Burma’s Coco Island group in the northern Indian Ocean has attracted the attention of activists, journalists and academics, most of who seem convinced that one island at least is the site of a major Chinese signals intelligence collection station. As these claims proliferate, they gain credibility, to the extent that they are now accepted by many observers to be established fact. Even though none of these claims have been based on reliable evidence, this myth continues to distort analyses of Burma’s foreign relations and the strategic environment of the Asia-Pacific region.

Andrew Selth

Review Essay: Death, Disaster and Dynasty: ‘Blood’ as Political Metaphor

Tony Smith

Victorian Young Tall Poppy, Dr Sarah Meachem

Dr Sarah Meachem

Pakistan: A Divided Nation

Rachel Morris

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