Privacy Policy

At the Australian Institute for Policy & Science (AIPS), a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee, your right to privacy and data security is a primary concern. It is a requirement of the Privacy Amendment Act (Private Sector) Act 2000 that you be informed about the type of information we hold about you and how we use this information.

AIPS members

The AIPS collects information from members in line with its legal obligations under our Constitution and relevant legislation and to forward documentation associated with activities undertaken by the Institute, including subscriptions to AQ: Australian Quarterly.

The AIPS ensures members’ rights to security and privacy are respected and any personal information supplied is protected.

The specific personal information potentially collected for membership and/or subscription to the AQ includes:
• Organisation or individual name
• Contact person
• Mailing address
• Home telephone
• Work telephone
• Email

Members are not listed by name on the AIPS Website or its Annual Report. The AIPS does not disclose personal information about Members to other parties and personal information provided by Members is treated as strictly confidential except as required by law.

AIPS supporters

AIPS collects and stores information about supporters and friends who have sponsored, donated to or otherwise supported AIPS or who have indicated they would like to either volunteer at AIPS or receive up to date information about our activities in Australia.

The information collected may include:
• Organisation or individual name
• Contact person
• Mailing address
• Home telephone
• Work telephone
• Email

You may, if you wish, donate, pay for a service or receive general information anonymously. This would need to be in the form of a money order or cash (please do not send cash through the mail). Apart from the information given to financial institutions required for normal bank processing, personal details of supporters remain confidential unless the supporter specifically directs otherwise. The mailing lists of supporters are never sold, rented or exchanged to third parties. No credit card information is stored beyond processing of individual payments and required documentation for financial records.

We will always provide an opportunity to opt-out of receiving different types of AIPS information. If you do not wish to receive new information, just contact us and we will delete your details from all lists.

AIPS website

AIPS collects and stores the following information about visitors to our website via our website server:
• server address
• domain name (for example:
• the date and time of visit
• the web pages accessed and documents downloaded
• previous site visited
• type of browser used

This information cannot directly identify individuals. It is only used to measure the number of visitors to the different parts of our site and to help us make the site more useful to you. As you are not required to enter any personal details in any part of the site you remain anonymous during your visit.

AIPS is not responsible for the privacy practices or content of any site that is linked to our Website. Your activity on those sites is covered by the privacy policies of those sites, and we urge you to check them.

We may record your contact details address if you contact us. This message could be:

  • Feedback on our site – we use this to administer and improve our website;
  • Subscription to AQ or Membership of AIPS;
  • Online registration and/or payment for an AIPS event;
  • Online submission of a nomination for an award administered by AIPS;
    Request for a school visit or participation in any event; or
  • An inquiry to any of the email addresses listed on the AIPS website.

Use of information collected

AIPS does not sell or loan any information collected. No data collected by AIPS from the site or our database(s) will be disclosed to any third party except where the details are required to transfer information for donations, at your request for any action, or to reply to a specific request that you might have or where it is legally required (such as in the investigation of a criminal office or in compliance with a search warrant or subpoena). Please note that this does not apply to contact details that are in the public domain.

Keeping details accurate and up-to-date

Accuracy of information is important to us. After being advised of any change, personal details that are recorded at AIPS are updated as soon as practicable. To assist us in keeping your information accurate, please advise us if there are any errors or changes in your personal information.

AIPS database(s)

Databases maintained by the Australian Institute of Policy & Science are stored in a secure environment and only accessed by authorised members of staff, secured with a personal password.

How to contact us

If you have any questions or comments about AIPS’s privacy policy please contact our designated Privacy Officer on +612 9351 0819 between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday AEST. Alternatively you can send an email to director@) (attention Privacy Officer) or write to:

Privacy Officer (Attention: Executive Director)
Australian Institute of Policy & Science
PO Box M145
Missenden Road NSW 2050